Car Lockout Services

We’ve all had those days when it seems like life is getting to us, and everything seems to work the opposite way we expected them to be. A very good example of which is being locked out of one’s car. That’s a very stressful situation! But worry not! Milton Towing is here to the rescue and to make your day better. We have skilled locksmiths that can get you into your car in no time! Our professionals are very well trained and have passed prestigious trainings and certifications. These technicians of ours very carefully work on your car using hand tools and delicate equipment so they are sure to not cause any damage to your vehicle while doing their job. Efficiency is their top priority without compromising quality. It is a given that newer car versions don’t have keys. Therefore, our experts are still able to reprogram your vehicle by using a key analyzer or a decoder to unlock any vehicle’s car programming and systems. This will then allow our locksmiths to utilize a mechanical code key cutter to then make a new key suited for any vehicle which ultimately will allow to unlock the car.


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What if your car keys get stucked in the lock? Oh no! Not at all a good sight and let alone a situation! Give us a call and we will resolve this unpleasant problem for you! We have the tools to get that tiny key out of the ignition or even the car handle. Our key extractor is top of the line brand, and it will surely get the job done in no time! This tool is designed  to extract the key from the vehicle without ever damaging the car. The tool is available in a variety shapes and forms, depending on your car make and model. We have them all! So, you may ask, what is this tool called? It’s called Slim-Jim. Slim-Jim is a very portable tool used by locksmiths during emergency cases such as this, allowing our experts to unlock the vehicle without the use of a key. Brilliant, isn’t it?