Flatbed Towing

So, what is flatbed towing and how does it work? Four wheels are common on flatbed trailers. 4 wheels are required to allow a vehicle operating at maximum efficiency. It’s relatively simple to load the car onto the truck. The driver would only have to drive slowly toward and onto the platform. The vehicle to be towed will then be placed in the centre of the platform, commonly known as the truck’s bed. The automobile will then be secured to the bed with sturdy locks that will hold the steering wheel in place for the duration of the journey. This is to prevent swaying or dangerous movements during the procedure. We know everything there is to know about car towing.


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What automobiles may be towed on a flatbed?

Cars of average size
Customers with boats, forklifts, SUVs, and all-wheel drive vehicles.

We tow your car using our flatbed truck, allowing you to piggyback on our truck without causing more damage to your vehicle. Towing a vehicle on a flatbed is one of the safest methods. Why is this the case? Because the platform of a flatbed truck is intended to roll over at an angle, any vehicle can easily roll over onto the bed. Flatbed towing allows the vehicle to be lifted off the ground without causing any damage to it during the towing procedure. The last thing we want to happen to our car is for it to become even more damaged than it already is. If the circumstances call for it, the flatbed truck can transport more than one vehicle.

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